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Evie Fatz

Colors Not Calories Cookbook

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The world has gone and made healthy eating far too complicated.

You've been told you need to be on a diet, weigh and measure your food, or follow some strict, dogmatic way of eating in order to obtain optimal wellness.
The truth is...
Eating healthy isn't complicated, 
nor is it boring!

Nature has always provided us everything we need to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life.
All we need to do is eat a variety of beautiful colors, savor the abundance of flavors nature provides and keep things simple.
That's it.

So I created this book of my favorite colorful recipes to show you just how delicious, quick, and easy it can be to eat for optimal wellness.

Here's to never counting calories again!

  • Recipes for everyone!
  • ​Most recipes are 5 ingredients or less
  • Preparation in ​30 minutes or less 
  • ​Eat REAL food and never diet again
  • ​5 ingredients are less(most)